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  • Herbivory

Datasets measuring differential expression in the face of herbivory

Chromatin immuniprecipitation using an antibody to H3K27me3, a repressive chromatin mark.

1.The maize methylome influences mRNA splice sites and reveals widespread paramutation-like switches guided by small RNA Regulski, et al., 2013

Data Summary

  • Study description: A cytosine methylation genome-wide map for B73 and Mo17.
  • Genotypic Data: Can be found on NBCA SRI - SRP014211
  • Sample Size: Sample size is unknown
  • Tissue: Shoots at coleoptilar stage

Some RNA-seq data sets for certain lines collected on different tissues or measured at different developmental stages.

Some RNA-seq data sets for RIL popualtions.

1. Genetic properties of the MAGIC maize population: a new platform for high definition QTL mapping in Zea mays o Dell’Acqua, 2015

A large WGS dataset from SRA

Datasets assessing chromatin accessibility.

Several studies on maize natural variation of metabolomics traits.

Some datasets with information about genetic differences for expression response to various stimuli (some stressful perhaps).

Some large scale RNA-seq data sets for diverse lines.

Diverse data sets available on the maize 55K SNP chip.