MAGIC population
By Markus Stetter, , 0

1. Genetic properties of the MAGIC maize population: a new platform for high definition QTL mapping in Zea mays o Dell’Acqua, 2015

Data summary:

  • Study description: 1,636 MAGIC maize recombinant inbred lines derived from 8 genetically diverse founder lines (A632, B73, B96, F7, H99, HP301, Mo17, W153R).
  • Genotypic Data: GBS data of offspring and WGS of parents

2.Transcriptome analysis of 94 RILs of a maize MAGIC RIL populationDATA

Data summary:

Description In this study we used a maize multiparental advanced generation intercross (MAGIC) population, originating from nine parental lines (A632, B73, B96, F7, H99, HP301, Mo17, W153R and CML91) followed by 6 generations of self-pollination. A subset of 94 lines was chosen randomly from the set of 529 lines that was genotyped and phenotyped in the field (Dell’Aqua et al (2015) Genome Biology, 16:167) and sampled for RNA seq of proliferative tissue of growing leaf.

Transcriptome Data proliferative tissue of growing leaf