RIL RNA-seq Data Sets
By Jinliang Yang, Wenbin Mei, , 0

Some RNA-seq data sets for RIL popualtions.

1. RNA-Seq for the intermated B73xMo17 recombinant inbred line population

  • From: Li et al., 2013.
  • Tissue: pooled 14 dys seedlings, including the shoot apex
  • SRA Study ID: SRP017111
  • Data Size: 105 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) from the IBM population; 2.5 billion reads; 620 Gbp; and 380 Gb in size

2. RNA-seq for the 103 RILs of a B73 x H99 RIL population

  • From: Baute et al., 2015.
  • Tissue: sampled the first 0.5 cm of the most basal part of leaf 4 three days after appearance.
  • SRA Study ID: ERP011069
  • Data Size: 408 Gbp; and 265 Gb in size
  • Phenotypic data: additional files from the paper

3. RNA-seq for the RILs in the MAGIC population

  • From: Dell’Acqua et al., 2015.
  • Tissue: extraction the most basal 0.5 cm of the fourth leaf during the steady state growth phase, that is, 3 days after the tip of the fourth leaf emerged from the pseudostem cylinder.
  • SRA Study ID: ERP012784
  • Data Size: 334.20 Gbp; and 221.87 Gb in size

4. RNA-seq for the 88 intermated B73 3 Mo17 (IBM) Syn10 doubled haploid (DH) lines

  • From: Thatcher et al., 2014.
  • Tissue: Two 0.6-cm leaf sections from 5-week-old seedlings were harvested from three plants of each genotype, pooled, and flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen.
  • SRA Study ID: SRP041704
  • Data Size: 157.63 Gbp; and 93.01 Gb in size