Chromatin Accessibility
By Michelle Stitzer, , 0

Datasets assessing chromatin accessibility.

Chromatin Accessibility in Maize


  1. Developing B73 ears were subjected to mild, intermediate, and severe MNase treatment.
    Data available in SRA, not summarized, from Gent et al., 2015

  2. Shoot and root tissue of 9 day post-germination B73 seedlings subjected to heavy and light digestion with MNase from Rogers-Melnick et al., 2016. Summarized hypersensitive region data for AGPv3 available from panzea, for shoot and root.

  3. Zygotene meiocytes of B73 subjected to MNase treatment, no paper yet. Summarized hypersensitive region data on unknown genome version from NCBI GEO.