Schulz RNA-seq
By Aimee Schulz, , 0
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1.The maize methylome influences mRNA splice sites and reveals widespread paramutation-like switches guided by small RNA Regulski, et al., 2013

Data Summary

  • Study description: A cytosine methylation genome-wide map for B73 and Mo17.
  • Genotypic Data: Can be found on NBCA SRI - SRP014211
  • Sample Size: Sample size is unknown
  • Tissue: Shoots at coleoptilar stage

2.Extensive, clustered parental imprinting of protein-coding and noncoding RNAs in developing maize endosperm Zhang et al., 2011

Data Summary

  • Study description: This study looks at the regulation of genetic imprinting in maize endosperm and how it interacts with the trioloid tissue of the embryo
  • Genotypic Data: Can be found on NBCA SRI - SRP010160
  • Sample Size: Unknown sample size of maize lines Mo17, B73, Mo17 x B73, and B73 x Mo17
  • Tissue: Seed and endosperm tissue was used