How to contribute
By Jinliang Yang, , 0

This post serves as the tutorial on how to contribute to this site. We use Markdown, an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, to convert your content to HTML. Here is a quick reference of markdown syntax.

Steps for how to contribute to this site

1. Fork it on Github to your own repo and Clone or download source code of this website.

git clone

2. Create your own branch.

git checkout -b my-new-feature

3. Create or edit files under folder _posts.

Note, to add a new post, follow our naming convention, i.e. “2015-10-2-RNA-seq”. You can copy the in the _posts folder, or copy from here.

At the very beginning of a post, we have YAML front matter. Those are build-in variables.

layout: post  
title: "How to contribute"  
date: 2016-10-10  
author: Jinliang Yang  
editor: X
reviewer: Y
categories: [tutorial, general]  
tags: [github, general]  
comments: true  
archive: false  

YAML variables:

  • layout: The layout to use, i.e. post.
  • title/date: The title of the post, created at what time.
  • author/editor/reviewer: Names of contributors of this post.
  • category/categories/tag/tags: Define the categories and tags as YAML lists or a space-separated string. For each category and tag, we will generate a list in Projects and Tags pages.
  • comments: Set to true to allow for comments
  • archive: Set to true to being rendered as a achieved post only (not show in the Posts page).


The first paragraph in a post will serve as an abstract or short summary. It will appear in the list of Posts page by clicking gist.

4. Commit your changes

git add --all
git commit -m 'Add some feature by XYZ'

5. Push to the branch

git push origin my-new-feature

6. Create a new Pull Request